ATA GDO-8v3 SHED MASTER Roller Door Motor

ATA GDO-8v3 SHED MASTER Roller Door Motor

ATA GDO-8v3 SHED MASTER Roller Door Motor

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Designed for the harsh Australian climate with its IP24 Rated weather resistant housing the SHED MASTER®  is the ultimate weather resistant roller door opener.


Weather-Resistant Housing (IP24) – designed for installation on exposed or uncovered doors

Intelligent Safety System (ISS) – self-adjusting when opening and closing or if blocked i.e. should the gate hit an obstacle during its cycle, it will automatically reverse or stop preventing damages or injuries.

High security TrioCode™128 transmitter system – uses a 128-bit encryption protocol and transmits on three frequencies, providing ultimate security

Keyed & Electronic Lockoutfor the prevention of un-authorised usage of the door

Door Profiling The GDO-8v3 SHED MASTER® continually re-profiles the force needed to steadily and safely move the door through segments of open and close cycles. This increases safety as using only appropriate force permits quicker sensing of, and reaction to, obstructions in the door’s path.

S-ALPS (Semi-Automatic Limits Positioning System) – S-ALPS combines the simplicity of cams style limits setting with electro-optical precision - just move the door to halfway, turn the datum screw and then set open and close positions. After this the door will stop millimetre perfect every time.

PG-3 Programmer Compatibility – Access diagnostic and special settings via a simple plug-in

Optional Accessories include:

Safety Beams