Ditec ARC 1BHK Swing Gate Operator Double Leaf

Ditec ARC 1BHK Swing Gate Operator Double Leaf

Ditec ARC 1BHK Swing Gate Operator Double Leaf

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Ditec ARC 1BHK Swing Gate Operator Double Leaf

The most appropriate words to describe Facil and Arc automations are ease of use and flexibility.

Irreversible electromechanical automations for swing gates, they are the ideal solution for heavy duty applications. Quiet and sturdy, they are easy to install and can be connected to any application, however complex, such as wings supported by very large or out-of-plumb pillars. Facil and Arc have been designed to ensure ease of installation and connection, as well as suitability to use with different types of motor and its practicality.

For both actuators, the ABS guard ensures a good weather resistance and boasts high quality and elegant finishes, simple and clean lines, and perfectly blends to any type of entrance. Facil has also been designed to accommodate a cord-operated release system and a reduction unit disconnected indication microswitch. The automation comes complete with adjustable mechanical stops.

Technical Specifications

Electromechanical actuator Irreversible for up to 5m wide
Stroke control Rotary limit switch (optional)
Maximum capacity 500kg x 2m
250kg x 2.5m
Service index 4 – heavy
Intermittent operation S2 = 30min
S3 = 50%
Power absorption 24Vdc
Input 12A
Torque 300Nm
Opening time 15~30s/90°
Actuator maximum opening 130°
Release system for manual opening Key operated
Operating temperature -20°C ~ +55°C
Protection level IP54
Product dimensions (mm) 374 x 130 x 150
Control panel VIVA H

Kit contains

- 2 x Ditec ARC 1BHK operator
- 1 x Control unit
- 1 x Receiver
- 2 x Ditec GOL4 remotes