FAAC XT2 433MHz SLH two channel Long-range (LR) remote

FAAC XT2 433MHz SLH two channel Long-range (LR) remote

FAAC XT2 433MHz SLH two channel Long-range (LR) remote

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FAAC XT2 433MHz SLH two channel Long-range (LR) remote

Use frequency 433.92 MHz

Type of code: SLH LR technology (FAAC patent)

SLH = SELF LEARNING HOPPING code: the code varies with each use of the transmitter. An algorithm recognises and validates the signal only of the transmitters codified by the receiver.

Advantages: cloning all but impossible. Possibility of replicating codified transmitters, even remotely from receivers, with the patented SELF LEARNING system (from transmitter to transmitter), simply by pressing the keys in a specific sequence.

LR = LONG RANGE: the transmitters can cover almost DOUBLE the current distance thanks to another electronics FAAC patent; the SLH LONG RANGE transmitter, whenever the control buttons are pushed, detects the surrounding environment in real time (e.g. position of the hand, presence of electrical disturbances, etc.) and automatically reconfigures the electronics, maximising the radiated power at each transmission. Fully compatible with previous SLHs.

The radio signal emitted by the transmitter can be received choosing between:

1) Frequency module to use with the automation electronic control boards equipped with integrated OmniDEC decoder

2) Receiver with quick insertion for FAAC control boards or for external uses via relay interface board

3) Multi-channel external receiver to be associated with decoding boards of the radio signal

4) External receiver in specific enclosure with OmniDEC decoder (can accept DS-SLH-RC systems)