FAAC C851 Slide High-Speed Gearmotor

FAAC C851 Slide High-Speed Gearmotor

FAAC C851 Slide High-Speed Gearmotor

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FAAC C851 Slide Gearmotor

  • For sliding gates weighing up to 1800Kg, with speed (adjustable) up to 0.7 m/s recommended maximum length of 20 m
  • Ideal for special applications where fast operation is required and a continuous service (100%) such as, for example, prisons, embassies, sensitive places.
  • Irreversibility guaranteed by integrated electric brake on the powerful geared motor 1.1KW
  • Programming of the speed with integrated frequency inverter
  • Electronic built-protected in a metal container and transparent plastic cover.
  • Micro deceleration start and limit switches integrated into the motor and adjustable (does not require feedback on the gate)
  • Cover in steel with protective zinc primer and polyester powder coating
  • Release device manually operated from the outside operator with coded key
  • Nylon Steel-reinforced Gear Rack 1.0m can be purchased here.

Optional Accessories



Flashing light

- Mechanical Stop (Wall Ground)

Lock Cable Protector


Gate Max Weight 1800 kg
Power Supply Voltage 230 Vac 50Hz
Absorbed Power 1800 W
Type of motor 1.1kW with oil lubrication
Pull and Push 1800N (Z28 module 4)
Drive Torque 168 Nm
Max Recommended length of the gate 20 m
Gate Speed 20 to 40 m/min
Max interter 1.5 kW
Adjusted Speed and Engine Control By Inverter
Limit Switch 4 Built-in Mechanical
Operating Ambient Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Motor Weight 49 kg
Class Protection IP54
Dimensions (W×D×H) 510×295×467 mm
R.o.T CD Continuous Service