ATA GDO-10v3 Toro Commercial Rolling Door Opener

ATA GDO-10v3 Toro Commercial Rolling Door Opener

ATA GDO-10v3 Toro Commercial Rolling Door Opener

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ATA GDO-10v3 Toro Commercial Rolling Door Opener

The Toro offers sophisticated commercial roller door opening technology and superior pulling power. With built-in Battery Back-up and a wall-mounted control panel you can program a variety of operating modes for your security and safety.

A marriage of immense power and sophisticated logic controls, the Toro can cater for roll-up doors up to 28m2 and high duty cycles.

The logic control system, with LCD screen, can manage up to 511 TrioCode™ Garage Door Remotes, and offers time clock controlled access programs, adjustable speed and obstruction settings. A full complement of controlling inputs and outputs are standard, including compatibility with up to three Wireless Safety Beams systems simultaneously. Rounding this out is Soft Start/Soft Stop, Door Profiling, Intelligent Safety System and variable Auto Close settings.


- ISS (Intelligent Safety System-Smart Protection)

- Soft/Start Soft/Stop

- Gate/Door Profiling

- DC Motor

- Auto Close Mode

- Ventilation Mode

- Vacation Mode

- Auxiliary Output

- Service Reminder

- Battery Backup

- Time Clock

Technical Specifications:

Standby power 2.6 Watts
Geared Motor power 150 Watts
Motor type 24Vd.c. Permanent Magnet
Maximum door opening:


Opener Limits Travel 5.5 turns of Door Drum Wheel
Maximum Rated Load 500N
Nominal Load 150N
Duty Cycle 25 Operations/hr
Receiver type UHF Multi-frequency FM Receiver
Receiver code storage capacity 511 X 4 button Transmitter Codes
Receiver Sensitivity - 103 dB
Transmitter frequency UHF Multi-frequency FM Transmitter
Number of code combinations Over 100 billion random codes
Code generation Non-linear encryption algorithm
Controller fuse 10 A slow blow
Transmitter Battery CR - 2032 (3 Volts)
Real Time Clock Battery CR -1220 (1.5 Volts)
Backup Battery 12 Volts 6 Amp Hr x 2


- The door must be well balanced. A person should be able to lift the door up manually with very little
effort in case of an emergency.

- Intermittent operations may occur in areas which experience very strong winds. Strong wind puts extra
pressure on the door and tracks which may in turn trigger the safety obstruction detection system

- If the Safety Beam are not installed then the controller will automatically goes into “Safety Close“
mode. Limited number of features are available in this mode please refer to Section 13.1.