Gliderol Home Automation Package (Glidermatic GTS+ Optima)

Gliderol Home Automation Package (Glidermatic GTS+ Optima)

Gliderol Home Automation Package (Glidermatic GTS+ Optima)

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Model GHAP-GTSOptima


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Gliderol Home Automation Package (Glidermatic GTS+ Optima)

The Glidermatic GTS+ Optima is apart of the new & improved 'G+' range by Gliderol with new Gainsborough G+ Access System Compatibility. With the Gliderol Home Automation Package you can now control more than just your garage door. Enjoy the convenience of  full home access automation. Be able to control your gate, lights, alarm and doors with the amazing gainsborough G+ Access System. The Gainsborough G+ Access System is the first of its kind and offers home-owners the ultimate convenience and safety in the touch of a button from opening your gates, controlling your garage door, turning on your lights, to unlocking your doors. G+ can do all this and more.

Package includes:

  • 1x   Glidermatic GTS+ Optima operator
  • 1x   G+ Essentials Lockset (electric system)
  • 2x   G+ Keys Premium
  • 2x   G+ Smart Boxes

Glidermatic GTS+ Optima

The Glidermatic GTS Optima is Gliderol’s premium and most powerful overhead door operator. With the belt safely enclosed in a roll formed steel section, all components of the GTS Optima are housed within the operator’s cover. With a low voltage motor (24 volt), the GTS Optima is as quiet as any other belt unit on the market.

The GTS Optima includes the Gliderol locking feature to prevent the door from opening for unauthorised entry, and with over 16 million code combinations, no other garage door opener will open any other. Like all Gliderol products, the GTS Optima is designed in Australia specifically for Gliderol garage doors.

The Glidermatic GTS+ OPtima does not require additional programming or installation as it is designed and compatible with the G+ Access System.


  • -Premium belt drive operator
  • -Pulling force of 1000N with quiet DC motor operation and belt drive.
  • -New improved energy-efficient unit with LED lighting
  • -New operator/headset frequency
  • -Improved manual release mechanism
  • -Soft start/ soft stop - Reduces stress on the opener, gate and mounting hardware by speed ramping throughout each cycle
  • -Electronic limits
  • -Safety Auto-reverse - Self-adjusting when opening and closing or if blocked i.e. should the gate hit an obstacle during its cycle, it will automatically reverse or stop preventing damages or injuries

G+ Keys Premium

Your G+ Key indicates whether your door is locked or unlocked and the key itself can be locked to avoid accidental use.

G+ Essentials Lockset Kit  Electric

Access your home faster and easier with the G+ Essentials Kit Electric. Choose from four lever styles and two finishes (Bright Chrome/Satin Chrome) with three different modes: deadlock, privacy and passage. For additional security, G+ Locks indicate when they are locked or unlocked and come with battery back-up.

Available Locksets Below:

Lockset Colours satin-bright


G+ Smart Box

More than keyless entry to your home, placing G+ Smart Boxes discreetly near key technology points in your home lets you control a range of additional features via your G+ Key.

Whatever your style of home and however you like to live in it, G+ Technology can change as your life does.

To link garage doors, gates, security lights or other access technology to your G+ Key, G+ Smart Boxes can be installed in relevant areas in your home. You can sync your G+ Key to up to ten G+ Smart Boxes.