Industrial Roller Garage Motor 1800N

Industrial Roller Garage Motor 1800N

Industrial Roller Garage Motor 1800N

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Features & Benefits:

  1. - Permanent lubricated motor with low vibration and very quiet.
  2. - Smooth, Powerful drive operation – Our Roller Garage Door Opener sets new standards for roller door openers, offering outstanding power and efficiency as well as unrivalled safety and technology, backed by a 12 months warranty for internal motor. Feature-packed in standard configuration and available with a host of innovative options, a roller door system is not the best it can be without our Roller Garage Door Opener.
  3. - Additional Gearplanetary drive gear increases drive torque to the door by 40%
  4. - Soft start and stopgently accelerates the door during closing is especially useful when replacing openers on older garage doors where jams or door “booming” can often occur due to age-related loss of spring tension and/or stickiness of the door’s tracks.
  5. - Auto-reverse protection systemThis ensures your garage door reverse if it encounters and obstruction during the operation. For additional safety, an optional Infrared Beam Safety Protection is also available.
  6. - Rolling code technology makes your door more secure by eliminating possible code interception and/or duplication
  7. - Extension arm kit (Optional) will be able to retro fit on any door provided it satisfies the side room space requirement
  8. - Automatic Courtesy LED Light

Kit Contains:

  • 1x SAMT  Operator
  • 2x Remotes (4 Button)
  • 1x Weight Bars
  • 1x Bolts and mounting kit
  • 1x Instruction manual

Optional Extras:

Technical Data:

Power input 240V AC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Motor 24V DC
Max Door Size 28m²
Max Lifting Force 1800N
Radio Frequency 433Mhz, Rolling Code
Drum Rotations 5.5
Max door Weight 300Kg