Life PR70-DL Sectional Panel Door Opener Motor

Life PR70-DL Sectional Panel Door Opener Motor

Life PR70-DL Sectional Panel Door Opener Motor

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Automation for sectional to up and over doors

LIFE innovates the residential automation scene with a range of avantgarde solutions, such as Probo, a specific family of towing motors for sectional and up and over doors. Aside from the possibility of choosing from various power strengths, Probo offers the performance of a motor specifi cally developed for these kind of applications, the versatility of programmable functions, the high quality of engineering and manufacturing carried out in every detail, an avantgarde design. Try the benefits of LIFE: for sure, a step forward towards "home integration".

Special materials, original concepts

Probo model has been developed out of LIFE's research for new technologies and systems to solve everyone's requirements: even the most specific. More, the best raw materials are employed and the article is manufactured following the most strict quality standards, to guarantee a long duration and perfect functioning throughout time. The motor has been expressly studied and optimized for towing of sectional and up and over doors. The unblocking is simple and intuitive, and the hooking to initial position is automatic. Both kinds of transmission, chain or belt, assure great reliability and an excellent acoustic comfort.

Safety in real time

A sudden obstacle crosses the door's range of travel? No problem: Probo models have a special encoder that, in the case on unforeseen events, immediately alerts the electronic central unit. The latter activates the required countermeasures, in order to guarantee total safety for objects and people. The command panel, easily accessible, is simple to use and allows programming and adjusting of all the motor's functions. Moreover the electronic central unit is already programmed with two default programs that help speeding up the installation: just a simple touch and the system is ready for use.

Simple installation, evolved services

LIFE knows the practical needs of installers, that's why it has studied every detail in order to make their work simpler, easier and gratifying. Assembling instructions are clear, complete, readable and take the operator step by step. A saving of time and effort are the end result, and a perfect outcome is achieved: another benefit of LIFE products. Beyond a complete set of solutions, there is a range of customized commercial and technical services: the future of "home integration" has already begun.

LIFE PR-70DL Sectional Panel Door Opener Motor

Power Supply (V) 230V 50Hz
Door Max Surface
Motor Supply (V) 24
Power (W) 130
Thrust (N) 700
Working Temperature (°C Min/Max) -20 +70
Protection Level (IP) 54
Intermittence work cycle (%) 50

Kit Includes

1 x Life PR70DL Sectional Panel Door Opener Motor
2 x Remotes
1 x User Manual