RGD11 Roller Motor

RGD11 Roller Motor

RGD11 Roller Motor

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SAMT RGD11 Roller Door Motor

Features & Benefits:

  1. Permanent lubricated motor with low vibration and very quiet.
  2. Smooth, Powerful drive operation – RGD11- slimline housing accommodates a high performance 588 Newton motor capable of lifting even the largest of roller doors. Latest in design in engineering guarantees you a reliable operation every time, with the RGD11 one-piece cast metal base designed to take the majority of the load during opening and closing so that the motor and gear mechanism are able to run smoothly and precisely. Slim but max lift-up forces due to a planetary gear drive system.
  3. Soft start and stopgently accelerates the door during closing is especially useful when replacing openers on older garage doors where jams or door “booming” can often occur due to age-related loss of spring tension and/or stickiness of the door’s tracks.
  4. Auto-reverse protection systemThis ensures your garage door reverse if it encounters and obstruction during the operation. For additional safety, an optional Infrared Beam Safety Protection is also available.
  5. Rolling code technology makes your door more secure by eliminating possible code interception and/or duplication
  6. Extension arm kit, will be able to retro fit on any door provided it satisfies the side room space requirement
  7. Mechanical Limit Switch setting is reliable and simple to understand, easy for self- installation.
  8. Automatic Courtesy LED Light

Kit Contains:

  • 1x           SAMT RGD11 Operator
  • 2x           SAMT 433MHz rolling code transmitters, 4 channels/buttons
  • 1x           Weight Bars
  • 1x           Bolts and mounting kit
  • 1x           Instruction manual

Technical Data:


Power input 240V AC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Motor 24V DC
Max Door Size 16m²
Lift Rating 40Kg
Electrical Rating 100W 2A Power
Max Capacity 1000N
Max Lifting Force 60Kg
Door Travel Limits 4.5 Turns of door drum approx~
Light Source 6 x Ultra Bright LEDS
Lighting Time 2.5 Minutes
Dimensions 434L x 238W x 190H
Weight 5.4Kg