CAME BK-800 Sliding Gate Motor Kit

CAME BK-800 Sliding Gate Motor Kit

CAME BK-800 Sliding Gate Motor Kit

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CAME BK-800 Sliding Gate Motor Kit

Up to 800 Kg.
The BK is the top when it comes to service and safety. It is designed for automating apartment blocks, industrial and collective area sliding gates in general. It comes in 9 different versions – all thought up to meet the usage requirements and solve any needs related to considerable weight, and thickness.


  • Exclusively practical. BK-1200P features the PRATICO SYSTEM, an extremely userfriendly CAME patented device which replaces the laborious, manual release procedures required during a power outage, and does away with the hassle of searching for the keys.
  • Encoder technology. A safe, constant, electronically controlled motion, providing maximum assurance and safety for those using the gate.
  • A safe system. In all of the versions, the control electronics are built-into the unit (except for version BK2200T) and is protected from environmental agents.
  • Total auto-control. Prior to opening or closing the gate, the built-in electronics tests the proper functioning of all the safety devices hooked up to the system.
  • Safety and careful attention to detail. The INTEGRATED mounting and adjustment system for the gearmotor is located inside the automation device. This makes it even safer when floor mounting the unit.
  • Easier and safer operations. BK can be connected to and control any auxiliary lighting, which turns on each time the gate opens, making it easier and safer to drive in and out.
  • Designed to last. Carefully chosen materials give BK sturdiness and lasting power, to withstand heavy-duty use.

Kit Contents

Optional Accessories


Safety Beams

Technical specifications



Protection rating


Power supply

230V 50/60 Hz

Motor power supply

230V 50/60 Hz

Current draw


Max power




Duty cycle

Intensive use

Traction force


Operating temperature

-20 °C min. +55 °C max.