CAME BX-68B Sliding Gate Motor Kit

CAME BX-68B Sliding Gate Motor Kit

CAME BX-68B Sliding Gate Motor Kit

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made-in-italy CAME BX-68B Sliding Gate Kit The “customisable” operator. The Bx series offers a vast range of operators for all sliding gates weighing up to 800kg BX-68B is the right solution when automating sliding gates thanks to high levels of efficiency and safety provided by the ZBX6B control board. Suitable for both residential and apartment block settings. Features

  • BX-68B operator –module 4 pinion complete mechanical endstops for sliding gates up to 800kg
  • Movement control – BX-68B enables you to stop the gate directly from the transmitter, giving you total control of the system (function OPEN-STOP-CLOSE)
  • Designed to last over time – The high degree of sturdiness of all the components provides maximum endurance against the environment
  • The operator can be adapted to the rack position thanks to the special postiong adjustment system. A CAME patent.
  • Total stop of the gate movement – without automatic closing: a push button or radio remote control must be activated to resume movement.
  • Extremely practical and completely safe
  • Easy Installation/setup
  • 2nd Radio channel

Kit Contents:

Optional Accessories


Safety Beams

Technical Specifications

Type BX-68B
Max Gate Leaf weight 600/800 (600 for intensive use)
Max. Gate Length 14.0m
Protection rating IP54
Power supply (V)(50/60Hz) 230AC
Motor Supply 230V AC
Current draw 2.4
Max Power 300W
Manoeuvre speed (m/min) 10.5
Duty Cycle 30%/ Residential & Light commerical
Traction force 800N
Operating Temp. -20°C min / 55°C max