Letron Sliding Gate Opener SL3000 24V Solar

Letron Sliding Gate Opener SL3000 24V Solar

Letron Sliding Gate Opener SL3000 24V Solar

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Letron Sliding Gate Opener SL3000 24V Solar

The Letron SL3000 24V Solar Sliding Gate Opener is the ultimate in convenience and security. Featuring solar energy power, this opener offers superior performance with no need for a mains supply. The robust construction and intuitive design make it easy to install and use, providing safe access control for all types of sliding fencing gates. With adjustable force settings, you can tailor the operation to your specific needs, ensuring that your gate moves at exactly the speed you require it to.

Kit Includes:

- 1 x Motor Unit

- 1 x Control Board

- 1 x Receiver Board

- 2 x Remote Control

- 2 x Battery

- 2 x Manual Release Key

- 1 x 4 Metres Gear Rack

- 1 x 40-Watt Solar Panel


- Security Code Storage

- Open And Close Drive Button

- Auto Close Mode

- Photo Electric Beam

- Solar/DC Compatible

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply 24V AC Transformer Or 24V Solar
Starting Current <4A
Gate Moving Speed 12M/Min
Gate Length 5m (max)
Net Weight 15kg (Including Spare-Parts)

Recommended Products To Buy With Kit

- Solar stand for Solar Panel - It is recommended to order this with your Letron Solar Double Gate Kit because our solar stands are made to measure with our solar panels. No fuss and will make installation easier for you.

- Wireless keypad are great with your Letron DC Swing Gate Kit. Simple to install and once programmed. No need to wires and tecnical cabling designed for easy installation. Also have keypad cover that can be purchased additionally.

- Wireless Push Button or Wireless Push Button with Key/Lock is a great simple gadget to have with your Letron Double Swing Gate Kit as it allows for a simple push and your gate will open or close.

- Letron swing mounting bracket is also a essential product to purchase to make installation seamless. We have both round and square post options to allow for all installation types.