PLAY Transmitter Rolling Code

PLAY Transmitter Rolling Code

PLAY Transmitter Rolling Code

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New 4 channels transmitters in three versions : rolling code, rolling code with on board receiver and fix code copier

Simple, functional, ergonomic and easy to open to replace the battery. Inclusive of car sun visor holder with non-slip adhesive tape.

Available in package of two pieces, supplied with inverted colours for the upper and lower shells, and in two different materials among which the innovative Arboform, completely bio-degradable and recyclable:

PLAY, in ABS blend plastic: colours charcoal grey and light grey

ECOPLAY, in Arboform®: colours coconut brown and cream white

Arboform® or “liquid wood” is a robust material, thermoplastic, obtained by a blend of natural fibers (flax or hemp) and “lignina” (from wood). “Lignina” is second to cellulose as for most common natural polymer, and this molecular structure of the polymer makes it very robust and suitable as alternative of plastic.

Shells of ECOPLAY are completely BIO-DEGRADABLE and RECYCLABLE.

ECOPLAY is a world premiere in the field of home automation: once again Key Automation proves to be absolute leader in product innovation and in research and development, supplying state-of-the-art technological solutions.

1x 4 Channels, kit 2 transmitters in ABS, rolling code, inverted colours charcoal grey/ light grey (2pcs)