NICE BiDi Dimmer Interface Smart Home Application

NICE BiDi Dimmer Interface Smart Home Application

NICE BiDi Dimmer Interface Smart Home Application

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Model 301205810101


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NICE BiDi Dimmer Interface

The NICE BiDi Dimmer interface has a new Intelligent Light Control Experience in the new era of light management. Seamlessly integrate your lighting into your smart home system without the need for a gateway, offering unparalleled convenience and control through both unidirectional transmitters and wired buttons. Tailored Dimming Experience With BiDi-Dimmer, you're in complete control. Effortlessly manage your lighting's brightness using two wired buttons. The set brightness level can also be recalled directly from your transmitter, putting the perfect lighting ambiance at your fingertips. Efficient and Practical Say goodbye to the need for a neutral connection. BiDi-Dimmer's practical design allows it to flawlessly work with various bulb types, including fluorescent, halogen, LED, filament, and neon*. Its compact form is designed to fit seamlessly into most recessed boxes. Plus, with the option to regulate with a timer, you can effortlessly program auto-off settings for added convenience. Smooth Transition and Connectivity Upgrading is effortless. By replacing the TT2L or TTDMS unidirectional control unit with BiDi-Dimmer, your existing transmitter remains functional, and your connected lights can be effortlessly managed even without a gateway. Extend Your Reach BiDi-Dimmer takes advantage of Nice Mesh technology, expanding the radio range up to an impressive 150 meters (max. 5 Hops) under optimal conditions. Every bidirectional product doubles as a radio signal repeater, ensuring signal coverage extension throughout your space. Elevate your lighting experience with BiDi-Dimmer—where personalized dimming, efficient control, and expansive integration redefine how you interact with light. Welcome the future of intelligent light management into your home.


More Features

  • Control the connected devices in your home individually, in groups or in scenarios.
  • Reduce energy waste by controlling consumption and managing electrical loads.
  • Check device status.
  • Control their functions by creating personalized scenarios, including via the alarm system.
  • Use Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts voice commands to turn the connected devices on and off.
  • Manage the devices remotely via smartphone, smartwatch or car infotainment.

Listing Includes

  • 1 x NICE BiDi Dimmer Interface