CT102 24V

CT102 24V

CT102 24V

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- Same programming logic for all control boards CT102, CT202, CT102 24, CT202 24 with run inversion via software

- Amperometric obstacle detection with run inversion

- Standard or programmable slowdown in opening and closing

- Pedestrian programmable automatic closing

- Separate OPEN-CLOSE inputs and PP - Pedestrian input

- Safety edge 8,2K ohm NC / stop - photo 1 and photo 2

- Inputs and safety devices LED visualization

- Flashing light output fixed or flashing

- LED courtesy light output

- Spia open gate indicator output/ electrolock

- 3 digit display

- Optional phototest

- Optional test for safety edge

- Built-in receiver

- Possibility to memorize up to 150 codes

 Model Number  CT102 24
 Input Power (Vac/Hz)  230/50
 Output Power Accessories (Vac/dc)  24
 Max Motor Power (W)  150
 Max Working Time (sec)  240
 Max Pause Time (sec)  0-900
 Obstacle Detection  Yes
 Protection Degree  -
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  120x90x30
 Operating Temperature (°C)  -20 +55