24hr x 7 Day Timer 24VDC

24hr x 7 Day Timer 24VDC

24hr x 7 Day Timer 24VDC

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24hr x 7 Day Timer 24VDC

The 24Vdc timer is a very versatile 7 day timer which can be programmed to operate in a various ways. It can be used to operate on a daily basis, weekly, every second day weekdays only, week ends only or a selection of certain days. The timer has a resolution of 1 minute and it has the ability to switch up to 8 times withing a 24 hour period.

The 24Vdc timer consists of three modes of operation, on, off and auto. The 'on' mode enables the switch to be always on regardless of prior timing settings. The 'off' mode disables the timer switch, regardless of prior timing settings. With the 'auto' mode, the timer will switch with the programmed settings. The only way for a mode to be switched is when there is power running through the switch.

The timer also consists of an internal lithium ion battery which enables it to retain its preconfigured data in the event of a power outage. The timer has the ability for it to switch between the 'on' and 'off' settings for each set of programs, meaning there may be different 'on'/'off' durations for each program.

Technical specifications

Contact Rating 16A 30Vdc
Operating Voltage 24Vdc
Panel Thickness <7mm
Switch Type SPDT
Connection 2 terminals for power and GND
1 terminal for COM
1 terminal for NC
1 terminal for NO