ToonaKit TO4024 (24V)

Electromagnetic gear motor, surface mounted with magnetic encoder. Ideal for residential use.

Reliable and Durable: Features an aluminium housing, made up of two tough aluminium shells with polyester paint finish making it more resistant to atmospheric agents.
Internal moving parts completely in steel, light alloys and technopolymers.
Patented layout of internal parts and lead nut in bronze.

Simple Installation: Generously sized and practical connection compartment: rapid and easy access from above to internal parts located in the upper section of the motor.
Simple to program with a single button, allowing programming of pause timing, with built-in capacitor.
Fully compatible with Nice’s Solemyo solar power kit and Opera management system for GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity / operation.
Integrated Nice BlueBUS technology, allowing connection to up 12 devices with just two cables.

Safety Features: Dual technology obstacle detection.
Soft start/stop to ensure long life of motor.