Transmitters LIFE ROLLING 433.92 MHz

Programmer for management remote controls

VIPR: quality to show off

The versatility and innovation of LIFE “home integration” has upgraded the sector’s scene and is with you anywhere, with transmitters Vipr, Fido, Star, Bravo and Ever. Solid and very simple to use, these transmitters combine charming looks and avant-garde technology, allowing you to manage a full range of functions with maximum comfort and total safety. Just a touch of the hand and a new world of authentic avails opens up, exclusively to the owners of LIFE Systems.


This new system allows the management and the personalization of the plants through the aid of a software installed on Pc and a portable programmer. For the management, the best to use is the Vip 2R and Vip 4R transmitters. Each programmer will be able to manage more than 10.000 systems, a variety of 950 remote controls for a two channel receiver and 750 for a four channel receiver.