Hopp HO7124 For swing gates with leaves up to 2.4m, ideal for large columns. Irreversible electromagnetic 24 vdc gear motor with articulated arm, surface mounted. Ideal for intensive use Features & Benefits: Irreversible 24Vdc with micrometric adjustment mechanical stops on opening and closing with built-in control unit. Powerful: thanks to the 250Nm torque Resistant and compact: 180mm in width, ideal for any kind of post. Small shockproof body with aluminium base. Sturdy aluminium anti-shearing arm Easy to install: thanks to the new fixing bracket with quick connector for the motor. No welding required. Sophisticated electronics with the built-in control unit, just 3 keys to manage all programming operations: Obstacle detection and possibility of connecting to 8.2KOhm sensitive edge fototest Automatic fault diagnostics Memorisation of opening and closing travel limits in self- learning mode Deceleration on opening and closing Clutch with anti-crushing safety mechanism Energy saving with no blackouts: 3 standby modes to reduce … Continue reading

New Product G1

<div> <div id=”coin-slider”> </div> </div> <div> Nice 2 button Radio-control with 45 million billion combinations, 433.92MHz rolling code. Pre-wired receivers. Batteries and Instructions Included. </div>


Surface Mounting Neat design and size, particularly suited to forged iron gates Worm protected by a scraper ring and stainless steel stem, suitable for use in dusty and sandy environments or where there are aggressive atmospheric agents Quick and easy to install, thanks to the reduced size and installation requirements. Key-operated unlocking system accessible from top: Perfect also in areas where there is limited space High quality metal gear guaranteeing strength and reliability Stem cover accessory suited to extreme climates. Innovative (telescopic), saving space at the front 24 Vdc irreversible electromechanical geared motor for intensive use Anti-crushing system with amperometric sensor Prepared for battery back-up system


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G+ Home Hub

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G+ Premium Key

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Boss BHT3 Garage Door Remote

Compatibility: Suits Boss BOL5, BOL6, BRD9.  

Boss/Steel-Line/Guardian Gate & Garage Door Remote Control 2211-L/BHT4

Specifications: Compact design with a key ring segment Twin button hand set to open gates and garage doors Approved upon worldwide standards Digital coding with over 1 million varieties Transmitter Frequency: 300 MHz 2 channel Compatible with correct receiver cards Suits BOL4 & BRD1 Works with Boss, Guardian & Steel-Line Battery: 23A 12V Size: 70mm length x 43mm width x 14mm height

MoonBus MOFB Gate Photocells

Fixed synchronised photocells with BlueBUS technology. The MOFB Photocells are obstacle detectors which make it possible to detect obstacles on the optical axis between a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX), type D according to Standard EN12453. They can be used in automations for gates and doors. These devices are equipped with a Nice BlueBUS communication system which makes it easy to connect all the devices up to the control units using two wires only. They are all quite simply connected up in parallel, and the addressed jumpers selected according to the function required. Model Power supply/output Adjustability of the Photocell Estimated Range (m) Protection Rating (IP) Working Temp. (oC) Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) MOFB The device can only be connected to “BlueBUS” networks, from which it receives its power supply and sends output signals – Up to 15m for a maximum TX-RX misalignment of +/-5?(the device can detect and … Continue reading


Nice 2 button Radio-control with 45 million billion combinations, 433.92MHz rolling code. Pre-wired receivers. Batteries and Instructions Included.