LIFE ARMOR Swing Gate Motor (Articulated Arm)

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The LIFE Armor (ARO 24 UNI) is an electromechanical irreversible gear motor with articulated arm(s) for swing gates. It is a 24V system for gates up to 2.3m in length and 200kg. Versions equipped with mechanical opening and closing stop systems. A built in central control unit (RG UNI 24R DL AR) for double gate motor systems. (AR2 24P UNI DL)

A high level designing and manufacturing, aligned with the most evolved and demanding quality, design and functionality standards on the present market. Suitable for new and existing gate systems and can overcome problems caused by difficult gate geometry


– QUALITY:┬ádesigned and manufactured to last without losing quality. The structure is made of a high density aluminium diecast, a material as light as inalterable. Drive shaft and main machinery lie on oversized ball-bearings, bronze bushings and gauge, in order to guarantee the best resistance through time.

– INTELLIGENCE: The encoder monitors the gate’s functioning and instantly detects any object or person that should cross its ray of action. The electronic control unit elaborates all the information and enables in real time the most appropriate safety measures.

– SAFETY:┬ácomes with two “limit switches” that send another precise signal about the gate’s positioning.

– SIMPLE AND EASY: DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGY interface and protocol allow a simpler installation of photocells, transponder, digital selectors and other command devices. New devices are immediately acknowledged, due to the “plug and play” system.