LIFE ERGO ER4 Swing Gate Motors (Underground)

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ERGO ER4 24 / ER4 / ER4 UNI

Electromechanical irreversible gear motor for swing gates up to 3m.

The LIFE ERGO ER4 range, as complete as it is innovative, offers an extensive choice of solutions: from the 230V version, with slow or fast movement, to the 24V version that will be suitable for new or existing gates.

The underground installation allows for a discreet solution for your gate automation needs. It is a state of the art design with all the duration and solid quality of the best material and all the safety and functional quality of an evolved electronic system.


– Battery backup option for 24V systems

– QUALITY: The structure is a high density aluminium die-cast, which guarantees a superior lightness and inalterability. The thick bottom part has some drainage holes with plastic caps to avoid debris infiltration during installation.

– SAFETY & INTELLIGENCE: Equipped with an optical “encoder”, which detects any obstacle along the gate’s way and an electronic control unit which activates any required safety measure in real time. Specific “limit switch” devices can also be added to the encoder, in order to have a quick response under any circumstance. Opening of the swing from 90° to 110° is easily adjustable to up to 180°.

– SIMPLE AND EASY: DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGY interface and protocol allow a simpler installation of photocells, transponder, digital selectors and other command devices. New devices are immediately acknowledged, due to the “plug and play” system.