LIFE OPTIMO OP3 Swing Gate Motors

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 For swing gates leaves up to 3m, the OPTIMO OP3 swing gate motor range of linear electromechanical actuators comes in versions with 230V AC  (OP3/OP3 UNI/OP3 UNI L) and 24V DC (OP3 24 for intensive use)  motor power supply. Also versions without encoders (OP3 UNI/OP3 UNI L) with either slow or fast movement. A high level of design and manufacturing, in line with the most evolved quality, design and functional standards on the market.


– Choice – Solutions designed for swinging leaf gates up to 5m

– Life – Maximum strength, structural resistance and protection against severe weather conditions

– Quality – Selected materials and perfect coupling among the various parts

– Safety & Intelligence – Several versions with built in optical “encoder”, the electronic control unit and the limit switches provide you with guaranteed safety. The encoder keeps the gate operating under control and instantly detects any object or person that should suddenly invade its operative area. The electronic control unit processes all information and activates the most appropriate safety measures in real time. As safety can never be too much, Optimo is also fitted with two “limit switch” devices that send a further precise signal of the gate position.

– Simple Installation – already equipped with a power cable and a signalling cable to make electrical connections simpler and quicker. Also comes with internal cabling system which facilitates maintenance.