LIFE SINUO SIN5 Swing Gate Motor (Articulated Arm)

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The LIFE SINUO (SIN 5 L UNI) is an electromechanical irreversible gear motor with articulated arm(s) for swing gates. It is a 230V system for gates up to 5m and 600kg. With slow movement and equipped with electric opening and closing stop systems.

High level designing and manufacturing aligned with the most evolved and demanding quality, design and functionality standards on the present market. Suitable for larger new and existing gate systems and can overcome problems caused by difficult gate geometry.


– Performance: With a 230 V motor and 350 Nm of thrust, it unifies the maximum of services and strength to a contemporary and nice design. Silent rotation thanks to the improved reduction gear’s mechanics.

– Quality: designed and manufactured to last without losing quality. The structure is made of a high density aluminium diecast, a material as light as inalterable.  With the correct thickness and material selection it gives the SINUO its great stability, strength and long lasting features.