Doorhan Photocell-W

Doorhan Photocell-W

Doorhan Photocell-W

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Model Photocell-W


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Photocells are a safety device consisting of an infrared transmitter and receiver, installed in door or gateways. In the event of the infrared beam being interrupted, the control unit receives a signal about the obstacle, and the system will either stop or reverse the door or gate.

This is a wireless model that is able to operate off a battery instead of needing to be wired.

Working Distance <10m
Supply Voltage 12/24V DC
Wave Length 940nm
Current Consumption Receiver (RX) <30mA
Transmitter Battery 3V CR123A
Operating Temperature -20°C ... +60°C
Angle of self tuning from battery. +/-7 Degrees (10m)
Angle of self tuning from control board. +/-13 Degrees (10m)