Life SINUO Double Dual Swing Gate Motor Kit

Life SINUO Double Dual Swing Gate Motor Kit

Life SINUO Double Dual Swing Gate Motor Kit

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All LIFE motors all work off the smart board specially designed to create a simple and elegant installation process. The smart board is specifically engineered to simplify the programming procedure to just one button!

Automation for swing gates

Sinuo automation for door up to 5 meters satisfies every need. Proposed in version 230V to reach the highest security levels. It unifies the maximum of services and strength to a contemporary and nice design. In side of that there is an high level project and realisation, together with the more developed contemporary standards of quality and design and functionality.

Functionality first of all

LIFE fit ought to everything to improve the customer’s life, and also to simplify the work of the installers and technicians. From the hull of protection extractable thanks to very simply accessible screws, up to the unblock system which is perfectly repaired by water’s infiltrations soil and other extraneous bodies. Even if its use is rarely anticipated, the mechanical unblock system has been studied to be effectuated with the maximum facility and safety: one more convenience.

Projected to last

Up to the firs project till the finished product, the Sinuo models are studied in the single details, to ensure you the best performances in the time. The structure of two hulls in press fused in aluminium is the top of lightness and alterability. The correct thickness and the precise realisation of the hulls ensure a stability and strangenessable to overcame each type of test. Particular attention has been dedicate to the realisation of the reduction gear’s mechanic, which permit a silent rotation.

Simplicity first of all

LIFE knows the concrete demands of the installers, therefore it studied each detail to make simple, quick and gratifying their work. The assembling instruction are clear and complete and follow step by step the operator. In this way it is possible to save time and work obtaining perfect results: another advantage of LIFE’s products. Over a complete choice of solutions, there is also a range of personalised technical and commercial services.

Kit contains

  • 2x  SIN3 UNI operators - irreversible gear motor. equipped with encoder, limit switches in opening and closing
  • 2x FIDO2 Transmitters 433.92Mhz LIFE Rolling Code
  • 1x RG UNI RS DL (control unit with receiver and radio integrated)

Technical Specifications

Max Weight Wing (kg) 400
Max Wing Length (m) 3
Power Supply (V) 230V 50Hz
Motor supply (V) 230v a.c.
Power (W) 220
Torque (Nm) 280
Working temperature (?C) Min/Max -20+70
Protection level  (IP) 44
Intermittence work cycle (%) 35
Speed (rpm) 1.7